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In 2018 MAiNS International has made another exciting step, aiming for more efficiency and something to look forward to. With open arms we welcome ViaEurope as our new logistics partner. With the support from Viaeurope, we strife to make the delivery process a lot smoother and more efficient. Their expertise and technology in the field of e-logistics and customs clearing systems will help MAiNS International to make Global e-commerce to Europe much easier and hassle-free. The core of ViaEurope is IT, they have grown very fast and are currently a major player at Schiphol. They are fully integrated with Dutch customs and focused on goods going into Europe and make them compliant and transparent. Their platform is designed to deliver small parcels, large parcels and containers in the EU that meet all the necessary regulations.

WWF & Miffy

The proprietors of the plush animals of WWF/WNF and Miffy/Nijntje have shown their interest in selling their products in China. MAiNS took the company on a journey through China so as to give them a better vision on the Chinese e-commerce market. In cooperation with selected partners, the coming months will be spent on building an online shop on one of the biggest platforms. Additionally, a network will be built involving big online retailers as to sell plush animals to Chinese consumers via direct sales. The ultimate goal is to gain full control of all sales in China. MAiNS represents the proprietors and has a central role in all activities that take place.


HeltiQ (a part of Koninklijke Utermöhlen N.V.) is a leading brand for wound- and maternity care and over-the-counter products for minor skin ailments for consumers allowing them to take care of the discomfort themselves without having to visit a doctor. Healthcare budget cuts, higher out of pocket healthcare contributions and an aging population, results in an increased demand for over-the-counter home healthcare products. Annual innovations allow HeltiQ to offer products for all phases of life. This includes products for post-natal care, treatment for burns, chickenpox, water warts, hand and foot warts, skin tags, first-aid cream, creams for scarring and various skin ailments.


ByeBites (a part of Koninklijke Utermöhlen N.V.) is a 100%* natural brand which offers consumers an effective range of products for preventing and treating insect bites and stings. The brand includes products which are sold in chemists, pharmacies, and various outdoor shops and offers both preventative and curative solutions. The 100% natural composition means that the whole ByeBites range is suitable for use on children and on people with sensitive skin. The fact that information is more readily available, as well as people becoming more aware of the world around them, means that the demand for 100% natural products continues to grow.


* Applies to the gels and anti-itch products

Independent Advice

The Chinese (cross-border) e-commerce market can be compared to a jungle which is mainly inhabited by parrots. There are a great deal of different platforms and e-tailers available, making it difficult to make the most successful choice of platform. Especially when advisors recommend you to open a shop on Tmall or From a distance, it is difficult to estimate the right choice, which is the reason as to why many companies often take the easy route and open a shop the biggest platforms, while opening a shop on Yihaodian may be a much more interesting option. Additionally, having an own website offers more advantages and is often a cheaper choice. The return on investment time period may take a bit longer, but you will be able to tell your own story and create interaction with your consumers.

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