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from China


 In China, the export of goods and services is particularly complex. For example, the seller must possess an export license and the renminbi (RMB), the Chinese currency, cannot be freely traded. The regulations concerning export taxes, import duties, anti-dumping legislation and demand payment (advance payment and payment on delivery) are complicated. Many companies do not have sufficient knowledge of all export rules as well as the requirements of the customer. In addition, both language and communication as well as the time difference may create a barrier to successful business in China.


MAiNS has all facilities (office, staff, export) to operate as an exporter and can offer partial or full support in supply chain management, from the factory in China to the warehouse of our partner (B2B). MAiNS is also able to support companies and web shops to deliver 'business to consumer' goods from all over China to any place in Europe (B2C).


Our support in the field of exports to and from China includes:


1. Project Management

2. Purchasing

3. Communication with supplier

4. Negotiation

5. Logistics and customs clearance

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