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Top experts in China have teamed up to create one partner for your frictionless entry into China. All expertise in-house to guarantee the best result.

Doing business in China is like standing on shifting stand: you cannot base your strategy on yesterday and you need to be able to adjust to tomorrow. MAiNS specializes in offering a professional end-to-end cross-border gateway from and to China to develop and/or to manage your business. 


Over the past 8 years, we have built up a Chinese network with over 500 companies which we have all visited in person, making it possible to help you select the most suitable partner for your entry from and to China. Our starting point is the logistics and sourcing and from there integrating the buyers and sellers to optimize the supply chain for all parties involved to get full transparency and the most suitable solutions.


MAiNS operates a reliable end-to-end cross-border e-commerce sourcing, supply and sales channel for Western products and services and Chinese B2B and B2C companies. At the same time, we help these Chinese companies to enter the European market.

The future is about linking brands, manufacturers and service providers directly to the owner and buyer. Though the market has currently become very transparent, getting to connect with owners and buyers without the needed cross-cultural understanding and communication can be a huge problem. Having a local representative in both China and the Netherlands can bridge the gap and fulfill your needs. To producers of Western consumer products, MAiNS is a trusted partner for the development and the structuring of the chaotic Chinese e-commerce market and to help them to get control over this market and develop sales in a structured and guided way.


To Chinese B2B and B2C companies, MAiNS is a reliable supplier of much sought after Western consumer products, providing these companies with market information, product information, logistics and a professional service.








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