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Our vision on business in China

Many companies do not seek to do business in China, with Chinese companies, despite the many opportunities and benefits this emerging market offers them. The risks seem to be too great: language barriers, cultural differences, indistinctness in business processes and export licenses, customs law, not to mention all negative stories on failed projects with ‘unreliable’ Chinese business partners.


MAiNS International offers you the opportunity to do business in China

without unnecessary business risks.


MAiNS knows the Chinese market like no other. Our company, in full MAiNS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., not only has two offices in China, but also a wide network of professionals who do business in and from China on a daily basis. Together, we enable companies – including our own organization – to take advantage of emerging markets. We facilitate all conceivable projects locally.


MAiNS has all the permits and facilities to import, export, prepare invoices

(including sending out and handling of incoming payments) and develop the Chinese market. These services are available to you in different ways, from sourcing to various forms of business support as well as through our variabilization model, which offers maximum flexibility and efficiency.


MAiNS provides customized solutions that integrate seamlessly with your business, your needs and your product. Additionally, we use our knowledge, experience, network and especially our creativity to achieve successes.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help you to enter the Chinese market.


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