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The board of MAiNS International consists of three skillful Dutch entrepreneurs with extensive experience in marketing, business development, negotiation and operational management. A Dutch manager, with local Chinese staff, runs our two offices in China. In recent years, we have gained extensive experience and contacts with (local) professionals in the field of procurement, e-commerce and business development. From our office in Naarden (The Netherlands) we support the team in China on management support, contract management and product development.



Martijn van den Ouweelen 

Founder / Managing partner 


Martijn studied Sinology and lived and worked for many years in China. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer who excels in finding - sometimes unconventional, but always successful - solutions and 




Guido van den Ouweelen 

Managing partner 


Guido is an entrepreneur at heart, with a specialization in process management.

His strategic insights and knowledge of management, process and back office management are valued assets among customers and 

partners of MAiNS International.

Martin van Grinsven

Managing partner 


Martin has enhanced his managerial and financial-economic background 

(Nyenrode University, Maastricht) over the past 20 years through entrepreneurship, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in financial administration and control, e-commerce logistics, postal distribution and 

business development.



Simon de Raadt 

General Manager China  


Simon leads our office in China. He has lived and worked there since 2011and is your contact for all projects related to China. Simon’s team will help 

you with your (first) steps on the Chinese market.


Helen Zhao 

Cross-Border E-Commerce Sales Manager 


Helen has been working for MAiNS since 2009 and brings ten years of experience in sourcing as a significant advantage to our services. Helen is a jack-of-all-trades and an asset to our company and our customers, particularly since she is an excellent negotiator with suppliers. As a customer you will love to work with her!


Alex Xiao 

Cross-Border Logistics Sales Manager


Alex has strengthened our team since 2013. He works from the heart of Chinese e-commerce, Shenzhen. Alex focuses on business development in

ecommerce and logistics.

He also has extensive experience in sourcing; he is 'the' man to assist with your and our activities in the Guangdong region.



Tiffany Tan

Sourcing & Admin Support 


Tiffany is based in Shanghai as Admin Support. Besides day-to-day office activities she takes care of a lot of back-office work regarding all the ongoing projects. Even if you don't communicate with her directly Tiffany is making many things possible for our customers and Mains.



Tim Wolbrink

Business Development


Tim started working for us in August 2015. With experience in sales, marketing and business development he offers added value concerning our cross border e-commerce activities. 



Rachel Ke

Sales & Business Support 


In the summer of 2015 Rachel joined our Shenzhen team to give us Sales and Business Support. Her main focus is E-commerce import and export for Mains International and its customers. Her presence in Guangdong area will create a quick access to Chinese e-commerce players.



Paul Lim

Cross-Border E-Commerce Sales Manager


Based in Shenzhen Paul joined our company in the Summer of 2016. He is responsible for Cross-Border E-commerce activities within MAiNS International and our sourcing partner DMQ.

Besides adding a network of international suppliers of brands and products, he also brings a large buying group of Chinese B2C and B2B E-commerce companies into the mix. With his extensive and broad experience in (Cross-Border) E-commerce in China he is a great addition to our organization to position MAiNS as your linking pin.



Birgit Holla-Smit

Commercial Manager



After living in Europe, Africa and the Middle East her new challenge lies in Asia. With multiple years of experience in building brands and products Birgit brings a lot of new skills into the MAiNS team. Her main focus will be building bridges between foreign accounts and the Chinese team. Doing international business always comes down to communication to making deals happen. That is what Birgit can do for you.

Ada XU



One of the most important positions in every company is where the money goes in and out. With Ada as our in-house accountant we now have a much more stable and controlled administrative process. And that will be beneficial for our own clients to make sure we stay healthy and the rest of the team can focus on serving our customers better.

Elsie Mei

Brand Manager


After sourcing, export and logistics we have added a new line of business to our portfolio, knowing representing foreign brands in the Chinese market. Elsie is one of our professional brand managers who is a native Chinese and has studied and worked in the US for six years. Experienced with marketing challenges and demonstrated history of working in the high level of marketing development. Elsie is able to help your brand thrive in the Chinese market. Her international approach, domestic market understanding and multi-language skills will provide your brand with the most sufficient communication in the business and insightful analysis of the market.


Brand Manager


Ruilin has lived in the Netherlands for 4 years and had a brief adventure in Malaysia. After realizing that China is the place to be, she embraced the opportunity to add value to foreign brands to enter the Chinese market within MAiNS International. She will be in charge of several cosmetic and personal care brand etc. Besides that she will be involved in offering back office support for our logistics activities in Eastern China from our Shanghai office.

Carmen Li

Cross-Border Logistics Sales Manager


Carmen Li is no stranger to MAiNS International. After meeting in 2015 it was waiting for the best time to get her as part of the team. Her open and ambitious mindset has allowed her to explore and understand the B2C logistics market in great detail. As Guangdong is an important area for outbound China logistics she is right at her place in our Shenzhen office.

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