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"We believe that potential is endless"

The board of MAiNS International consists of three skillful Dutch entrepreneurs with extensive experience in marketing, business development, negotiation and operational management. A Dutch manager, with local Chinese staff, runs our two offices in China. In recent years, we have gained extensive experience and contacts with (local) professionals in the field of procurement, e-commerce and business development. From our office in Naarden (The Netherlands) we support the team in China on management support, contract management and product development.


We’re led by a team who constantly questions, thinkers, and challenges to unlock great creativity around every turn


Martijn van den Ouweelen

Founder/Managing partner




Guido van den Ouweelen

Managing partner



Simon de Raadt

Managing partner




WeChat Image_20190129160631.jpg

Madelon van de Ven

General Manager


Tiffany Tan

Sourcing & Admin Support


Helen Zhao

Sales Manager

Ruilin Liu

Brand Manager


WeChat Image_20190129152442_edited.jpg

Siyao Tu

Sourcing Support


WeChat Image_20190129160624_edited_edite

Otger Meuwissen



WeChat Image_20190130095519_edited_edite

Daisy van Zijl

Business Development Manager


Ada Xu



WeChat Image_20190130102355.jpg

Ami Agung

System Development support


WeChat Image_20190228092920_bewerkt.jpg

Ada Xu



WeChat Image_20190227123221_bewerkt_bewe

Ada Xu



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